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One thought on “Contact us

  1. Prof Constance Walker alerted me to your existence. If you saw any of the recent Voice issues, i’m the alum who proposed a class on food and culture. Understand the founder of your org worked w/ Adria in Catalunya. We go to BCN regularly and have many Catalan pals.
    I cannot tell you how gratified i am to see that Carl students are interested in food, cooking, sustainability and authenticity, and world cuisines. It’s about time. You’ve no idea what a culinary wasteland Nfld and the college were when i was there (oddly ironic since it is surrounded by prime farmland…go figure).
    If any of you come thru LA, look us up. Both Prof Walker and the Alumni Office know me quite well.
    Buen provecho!
    A. Katata, 78, Los Angeles and Barcelona

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