Compiled by Irene Stoutland, spring 2020 (online covid-19 term):

Although faculty, students, and staff are physically separated this term, we remain connected by Carleton’s strong community spirit. Firebellies, the Carleton student-run cooking club, like many clubs this term, is working remotely to stay connected to our campus community. Our members, like most students, are at home preparing their own meals instead of relying on the convenience of the dining halls. 

Our club is preparing a Carleton College Cookbook to be published online this term. We are looking for recipes that symbolize the diverse and creative Carleton community. The initial volume will focus on academic departments; later volumes will branch out to include other offices vital to the health and well-being of the College community.

The first volume of the Carleton College Cookbook Project (Vol. 1: Academics) invited each department or program at Carleton offering a major to submit a recipe that reflects the mission, goals, or philosophy of their area of study.

Cooking brings people together, and although we must remain physically distant this spring, we hope that this initiative will help Carleton students, faculty and staff across the country and the world feel part of the Carleton community. 


Biology: Graham Cracker Toffee Lab Snack

Chemistry: Mole Day Cookies

Classics: Homemade Sweet

Cross-Cultural Studies: Meggyleves

French and Francophone Studies: Orange Honey Madeleines

Interdisciplinary Minor in French and Francophone Studies: Chicken in Peanut Butter Sauce

German: Soup

Linguistics: Apple Pie

Philosophy: Scones

Physics: Chocolate Cherry Star Cake

Psychology: Tomato and Eggs

Russian: Bliny (Блины)

Sociology and Anthropology: Sweet Potato Apricot Stew

 Spanish: Tortilla de Patatas

Spanish and Latin American Studies: Ceviche