Thanks for a GREAT year!

Firebellies congratulates all the graduated seniors on their accomplishments and wishes them the best on their next adventures (in the kitchen).

We would also like to thank everyone — faculty, students, staff — for another great year in Firebellies history.

This year brought more members than ever, contributing to a total of 600 club members. Many of these members were able to join and lead a diverse set of events, including a 15-course dinner with famed peach farmer and author David Masumoto, a “squash your budget” competition that led to some illegal goat cheese activities, a massive food and music celebration that attracted over 300 guests to kick of the year, and a faculty-led eritrean cook-out that required over ten pounds of onions. These are just some of the over 30 events we had over the year.

Needless to say, we have truly enjoyed every single one of our encounters with new people and foods, and look forward to another year of delicious flavors and relationships.

Have a great summer!
Vayu and Firebellies



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