Young Chefs Cooking/Science Afterschool Program Launches Website for Educators

Young Chefs Cooking/Science Afterschool Program Launches Website for Educators

Science and cooking are beautifully interconnected. Cooking was perhaps the first form of science that humans explored, and is the science that billions of people around the world unknowingly use every day.

This idea lies at the core of the Young Chefs afterschool program. First started in 2013 at the Northfield Middle School in Minnesota, Young Chefs now works with at-risk youth in two school districts to connect students with cooking, science, and valuable mentoring relationships. In addition to running as a weekly afteschool program during the academic year, Young Chefs runs activities for a 10-week summer camp in Northfield and Faribault, MN.

Today Young Chefs is proud to announce the launch of its website, Here you will find information about the program, lesson plans for instructor use, and over 80 quick and healthy original recipes for an academic or home setting. Importantly, all of these have been successfully tested multiple times in a range of settings. Indeed, they are malleable and could be used with students of a wide range of ages and experience, as well as a locations with a variety of resources. Our website is continuously updated with new materials, and features a platform where you can provide feedback on our work. 

In our work, we have learned that cooking provides a relaxed yet engaging medium for academic learning and personal connections.
We hope that this lesson, along with our available resources, will inspire you promote the relationship between science and cooking wherever you may be.

Vayu Maini Rekdal
on behalf of
Young Chefs Program: From Cooking to Science

This program is generously supported by a number of organizations and individuals, please see for more information.


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