It’s time for our most popular event of the term: THE FIREBELLIES FOODGRESSIVE.

For those of you who are new to this idea, a foodgressive is exactly what it sounds like: a progressive, but with food.
This weekend, Firebellies is teaming up with a range of food and cultural clubs on this campus to bring you an extraordinary culinary adventure.
The foodgressive celebrates the amazing diversity at Carleton, and aims to connect you to new people, culture, and foods.  

This term’s foodgressive will feature LASO, MOSAIC, FOODTRUTH, JAPANESE CIRCLE, CULINARY HOUSE, and CHINESE CLUB, giving you the opportunity to taste savory and sweet delicacies from around the world. There will be tons of great music, as well.

The event will start at 6:20pm on Friday. The location will be announced once the list of participants has been finalized.
To make signups and the random selection easier, please just signup here:



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