Firebellies to cater professionalism workshop this Friday

Firebellies has taken on the role to cater the Suit and Tie professionalism workshop this friday, which takes place between 5:30pm-7pm. Brought to you by the career center and SAO, this event invites students learn about professional communication, attire and dining while enjoying a delicious meal cooked by firebellies.



Suit & Tie

Dinner Catered by Firebellies

February 28th, 2014



pozole rojo
smoked jalapenos / pozole corn / cabbage / radishes

available with pork or vegetarian

winter green salad
pine nuts / tarragon roasted pears / wilted kale / herbed goat cheese /
honey-citrus vinaigrette with hints of ginger, rose, and blood orange

contains nuts


chipotle mayo

cilantro / scallion / habanero



housemade sourdough / black beans / chipotle / cumin


avocado mousse
cilantro / cayenne / lime


tres leches cake
cinnamon / coconut / raspberry


spiced chocolate mousse
clove / ginger / chili / hawaiian sea salt


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