PRESS RELEASE: Firebellies Young Northfield Chefs Program Expands into Faribault

Tuesday, February 18th

Firebellies Young Northfield Chefs Program Expands into Faribault

The Young Northfield Chefs afterschool program aims to provide enrichment opportunities for at-risk youth.  Started in 2012, we use hands-on cooking experiments (i.e kitchen science) to engage students with scientific concepts and healthy eating, while facilitating invaluable relationships and conversations with college-aged role models. Activities are not limited to cooking classes and include field trips to Carleton College, which enables numerous opportunities for youth to connect with the local community. We believe that our program not only provides unique and engaging learning experiences, but also represents an effective and accessible option for science and health education in high-need areas. Young Northfield Chefs is run as an official volunteering program through the Carleton College Center for Civic Engagement. We are funded by numerous local and statewide grant.

Our volunteering operation is currently led by 12 Carleton students and serves 20 Latino youth at the Northfield Middle School throughout each academic year; this enables us to hold at least 15 classes for the same group of students. With all the necessary resources in place, we have decided to expand into the Faribault Middle School. Through the Kids Connection afterschool program, we will work with somali youth to teach basic cooking skills and scientific concepts, while fostering new relationships between middle school students and college role models. As most students are new to cooking, our first classes will focus on building fundamental kitchen skills, making students comfortable with kitchen equipment and techniques.  We integrate skill-building into the cooking process; our lessons are designed to be interactive, presenting hands-on activities for the middle school students to gain a more comprehensive understanding of cooking, science and nutrition.

The first classes in Faribault will take place on February 20th, and 27th.


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