At our last board meeting, we solidified some plans for our winter term events, taking into account all your awesome suggestions.
This term you’ll be able to enjoy some really creative events, including The Art&Science of Cheese Making, a professor-led ETHNIC MEALTIME, a hobbit-themed music and food night, a top-chef competition in the Carleton Dining hall, and MUCH MORE!As many of you already know, we are starting off big this weekend, with our popular trimesterly foodgressive. Signups will be available soon.

While our term schedule is fairly well-established, it’s important to note that we have funding for two MEMBER-RUN EVENTS. These events give anyone affiliated with Firebellies the opportunity to share a particular culinary skill and interest with fellow foodies. If you are interested in hosting such an event, please fill out the attached event proposal form, and bring it to our next meeting.
We know there’s tons of awesome skill out there, so WAKE UP, pretzel-bakers, kimchi-picklers, and belly dancers!

Find term plan here:




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