Dear Winter-Breakers,

Hope the turkey food hangover has subsided.
On behalf of the Firebellies board, I want to thank you for yet another fantastic Firebellies term. We truly enjoyed cooking and eating with you this fall.

Here are some highlights from the term:
— Recruited over 200 new people at the activities fair, expanding the total member base to 600 people, more than a fourth of the student body
— In an effort to make the club more collaborative, we officially introduced open meetings, attracting over 50 guests at the first meeting, and over 20 continuous followers
— Collaborated with a number of food groups and cultural groups at the Farm House Food Fest, our largest-ever event that successfully introduced over 200 students to the vibrant Carleton food scene
— Held over 15 events, including our first non-board member event, the fourth ever foodgressive, a professor-student cooking class, and a campus restaurant, which served over 100 guests in one night
— Expanded our mission to the Carleton academic curriculum, working with science faculty to develop a food science lab manual for our community project Young Northfield Chefs
— Continued our successful endeavors with Bon Appetit, hosting the 5th ever cooking101 , and displaying student recipes in the dining hall. Our shared endeavors were featured in the nationwide BRAVO magazine:
— Elected five new board members to the Firebellies board
— Added too much baking soda to caramelized onions, creating a gross miscellaneous sludge

See you next term! Get ready for our best term yet!




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