Firebellies Halloween Cupcake Sale: Get Your custom-designed Cupcake!


Halloween is happening on Thursdays, which means it’s time for the Firebellies annuals Halloween bakesale, where Carleton students, faculty and staff are invited to purchase a delicious, homemade CUSTOM-DESIGNED cupcake!

This year, we are making: Vegan Maple, Pumpkin Cheesecake, and a Hearty Chocolate. All the proceeds to towards Firebellies’ community work at Carleton and beyond.

You can preorder your cupcake online by Wednesday, at 12pm. Then you will be able to pick up your cupcakes in Sayles on Halloween, Thursday October 31st, between 11am-1pm. Just input your request in the following form:
Pick your flavor (you can only order one kind at the time) and your custom design!

Baking these cupcakes is a massive operation, and it’s super fun to help bake and decorate.
This Wednesday, we are setting up a cupcake baking and decorating workshop, and we are inviting you to help out, not only with baking but also with selling.
Please sign up in the google doc below:

Spread the word. Peace, Love and Frosting.

The Scary Tall Person




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