A TASTE OF HOME: Featuring Student Recipes in the Dining Hall

Dear Foodies,

Chef and Food writer James Beard once wisely said:
“food is our common ground, a universal experience”

He was right: food is not only a powerful way of connecting with new people, cultures, and traditions, but also a clear medium for expressing identities, for communicating who we are.

At a school like Carleton, diversity is one of our greatest resources.  Among Carls of all ages and backgrounds we find a vast array of amazing experiences, stories — and foods. This is why Firebellies and Bon Appetit are partnering up to have students feature their recipes in the dining hall during 9th week. Titled “a taste of home,” this collaboration highlights the diversity of food traditions among Carleton students, and provides an opportunity to share and taste foods that mean something special to you.
Do you walk around longing for your dad’s Butter Mochi? For your mom’s squash soup? For your grandparent’s cinnamon buns? Or for your own Sourdough bread?

Submit your recipe in the following google doc by Monday, November 8th, and give students a taste of where you are from:

Let me know if you have any questions,




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