dear cooks and eaters–

i am excited to announce the “SQUASH YOUR BUDGET” FIVE DOLLAR COOKING COMPETITION. this event is scheduled for october 26th, next Saturday, from 12-2pm. you must be wondering, what is the nature of this competition? allow me to lay out the fundamental rules* of this competition

1) Your team must prepare an entree for consumption within the time limit of 60 minutes. You will be provided with $5 and a functional bike.

2) The end weight of your food must be equal to or greater than the weight of squash you began with, plus one pound.

3)You may not bring any ingredients with you to the competition or use any ingredients which were obtained before the official start of the competition.

4)You may not purchase more than $5 worth of ingredients. a receipt of all purchases must be provided to the judges.

The judgement criteria are: Taste/flavor, creativity, mass, total cost, and incorporation of squash.

The details of this event are still being hammered out, but the premise is here before you. If this sounds like an interesting challenge, I encourage you to start assembling a team. Teams will be limited to 4 individuals. Squash and $5 are provided to each team that elects to participate.

jackson vanfleet-brown
creative director


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