Hey Hungry People.

The time has arrived.

No, I am not talking about that awful, winter-like weather; I am talking about COOKING101  !!!!!!!!


Each midterm break Monday, from 2-4PM, Firebellies partners up with the qualified Bon Appetit chefs, who open their LDC kitchen to teach a cooking class.

Past classes have been Pizza (with chef Gibson), Stir-fry (with chef Michael), Sushi (chef Vale), Gnocchi, and now… FROM-SCRATCH PASTA!!

Next Monday (Midterm Break), our beloved Bon Appetit Sous Chef Gibson Price will teach students how to make pasta from scratch.

The event is really fantastic and is not only a great opportunity to learn how to cook in a professional setting, but also to learn about and taste new, delicious foods.
Here is a video from the first event, last winter term:
from sushi

So, here’s the deal:

*Firebellies has a reserved amount of spots for this event and once all spots are filled for the COOKING, people are welcome to just show up and observe.
*The event is open for all of campus. Anyone who wants to WATCH can email Jennifer Pope at Bon Appetit
*2-4PM on MIDTERM BREAK MONDAY, IN LDC (when it is closed to the public) 😉

RSVP TO MAINIREV@CARLETON.EDU by Saturday afternoon to join this extraordinary food fest!

Stay hungry,

(and become a Firebellies fan on facebook: )

/Vayu and Firebellies



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