Firebellies loves TEDxCarletonCollege

Dear Food-Lovers.

October 12th is a big day for Firebellies and our home institution. As most of you probably know, Carleton College is hosting an all-day TEDx conference that brings together students, alumns, and friends of the college to share inspiring experiences, stories, and knowledge. Firebellies will figure in this conference, in two ways.

First, Firebellies will be the official organizer of the pre-conference speaker breakfast, which intends to facilitate conversation and networking between the conference speakers and organizers. This will take place on Saturday October 12th, from 8-10AM, and you are welcome to get involved in helping with this breakfast. It will be a great opportunity to chat with all the speakers, one if which will be me, Vayu Maini Rekdal.

Although this might come as a total surprise (hehe), I will talk about food and cooking. Drawing on my experiences from food education, high-end restaurants and cutting edge scientific research labs, I will present new perspectives on cooking and science. As an aspiring ‘kitchen scientist’ and food leader, I believe that the often-neglected interrelationship between science and cooking will be key in solving many local and global issues in modern society. The TEDx team has created a small teaser for my talk, which you can view here:

However, this all-day event features a vast array of other inspiring stories.  All other speaker profiles can be found here:

Firebellies invites you to join the conference, either virtually or in person. To register, please sign up on the following website ASAP, as tickets are expected to run out quickly:

The conference takes place from 10AM-5:30PM CENTRAL TIME (U.S). If you can’t partake in the conference, you can view the event for free via live stream through this link: Each TEDx talk will be uploaded to youtube and hopefully after the conference.

Spread the word!


Vayu Maini Rekdal on behalf of Firebellies



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