GET INVOLVED! Firebellies launching new project, teaching science through cooking

Why do omelets go from liquid to solid in the blink of an eye? How does whipped cream work? What makes some things crunchy and some things soft?

Over the next academic year, middle school youth attending the Firebellies Young Northfield Chefs program will investigate these questions, as the popular after-school activity expands. Using science as their tool and food as their working material, Middle Schoolers will work with Carleton students to explore the wonderful world of science, through cooking. Together, students and volunteers will connect simple observations of food with more complex scientific principles central to the study of chemistry, biology and physics.

Middle school students will not be the only ones benefiting from the added science component; four Carleton students will work closely with Deborah Gross, professor of Chemistry and an avid foodie, in an independent study. The student-initiated project brings together Carls from different backgrounds and will guide the work not only of the broader volunteering operation, but also the development of a curriculum that will be shared with the world.  Starting fall term 2013, these students will work collaboratively with Middle school science teachers to teach middle school students the basics of cooking while empowering them with knowledge and skills they can use to perform better in the kitchen and classroom.

Needless to say, Firebellies is thrilled to taste the fruits of yet another culinary adventure – one with a unique scientific touch.

The two-credit independent study is open to four students. Students involved in the independent study will meet at least once a week to discuss ideas and the overall progress, and will work closely together to devise and execute a plan for one term at the time (see the tentative syllabus for more details). If you are interested, contact to get a small application.



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