A Delayed THANK YOU!

Dear Foodies,

On behalf of the Firebellies board, I want to thank you for another great year!
From large-scale Farm picnics to smaller fancy dinners, our events have featured a vast range of people, foods and activities.
We have held cupcake sales and cooking classes; arb picnics and top chef competitions. More importantly, we have accomplished our social and culinary mission for yet another year.

In brief:
-We had 200 freshmen sign up for our club in the fall, giving us a total of 400 members and making us one of the largest clubs on campus
-Aside from our weekly events, we started having occasional ‘fancy dinners,’ which were focused on community building through food. Needless to say, these dinners strengthened our group from within.
-The foodgressive became a trimesterly tradition, drawing people from a range of class years and backgrounds
-Standing as a great example for the social importance of food on college campuses, we were featured in The Chronicle of Higher Education (http://chronicle.com/article/Social-Life-Heats-Up-in-New/138679/), a newspaper with a total readership of more than 315,000!
-Recognized by the administration as an integral part of the Carleton community, we were featured on a whole page in the “Welcome to Carleton” prospective student brochure. http://apps.carleton.edu/admissions/activities/firebellies/
– Funded by various community grants, we started a middle school cooking project aimed at inspiring and empowering teenage boys through cooking. The project, which included cooking classes and and a field trip to Carleton, was a huge success and has now become an official Carleton ACT volunteer program. With ten succesful cooking classes behind us, we have secured funding for yet another year, and many people are keenly observing the progress of this program.
-We cooked an AMAZING MEXICAN meal!!!

Coming up:
-Big Food orientation event, held together with all the other food clubs next fall. The event will introduce the freshmen to the vast array of groups and activities surrounding food on campus
-Field trip to Harvard University for leadership and organization development. We are planning to visit with professors and chefs responsible for the Science of Cooking class, as well as the Harvard Food Literacy project, to develop new skills and gain new insights into community building both inside and outside the Carleton campus
-Vayu speaking about the Science of Cooking at the Carleton TedX conference in the fall, on October 21st.
-Our middle school cooking program is expanding to become one that uses cooking as a gateway into science. The program, whose administrative part will be set up as an independent study supervised by Chemistry Professor Deborah Gross, aims to bridge the massive science gap in Northfield. Combining theory with practice, we hope to develop a model that contains not only the “what” but also the “how” and “why” – a model that can be shared with other similar organizations across the nation. We have secured $1500 for this program. If succesful, this program can have a profound impact in Northfield and beyond. More information will come in the fall!

Again, thanks for a great year!

Always remember that Firebellies is no different than a good bottle of wine; as we age, our character becomes more established, defined and delicious. We are the molecules that make this happen!

See you in the fall.

Don’t forget to become a fan on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/FireBellies/281717918547386?fref=ts

Vayu Maini Rekdal
President, Firebellies



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