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This morning, after a night of merriment and tom-foolery, I woke up at 8am and drowsily dressed myself for a field trip. I ate some koala puffs and honey’d corn flakes with organic soy milk, brushed my teeth, and loaded into a car with 4 fellow Carleton Students. We were headed to a farm-worker camp about 30 miles away in Owatanna, MN with a group of students from the University of Minnesota.

Upon arrival, we stepped out into the freezing rain, zipped our down jackets up to our chinny chin chins, and learned about the living and working conditions for migrant workers in Southern Minnesota. I have seen the documentary The Harvest and read about the injustices in the field, but this was the first time that the migrant worker experience hit so close to home.

Every May, migrant workers leave their homes in Southern Texas and come to southern…

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