As we all know, everyone’s favorite holiday is coming up and what better way to celebrate love (or wallow in sad loneliness) than with CUPCAKES?!

That’s right, you all have the opportunity to partake in a grand Firebellies tradition; the annual Valentine’s day cupcake making class!! This year features four delicious flavors…

1st) A sensuous Red Velvet cupcake with luscious creamy cheese frosting
2nd) Our favorite vegan Maple cupcake returns with a velvety maple buttercream frosting, topped with crunchy candied walnuts
3rd) Shout out to all the celiacs who need love too! We’ve got a juicy vanilla gluten-free coming your way!

The class will be held on the evening before V-day, TOMORROW!!!, in the Cassat basement from 7pm until whenever you get tired of eating cupcake batter. The first 15 to email Jhernie Evangelista are in!!

Love and kisses,
Jhernie and the Firebellies friends


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