Dear Foodies,

Celebrate the end of this COLD week with the fantastic Firebellies fodgressive on Saturday, an event that will warm the coldest of hearts.

This weekend, Firebellies is teaming up with a range of food and cultural clubs on this campus to bring you an extraordinary culinary adventure.

The foodgressive, a celebration of the diversity at Carleton, aims to introduce students to the cultural clubs and the cuisines and cultures they represent.
Themed “Travel the world in 5 rooms,” the foodgressive will start off with Korean Cuisine, continue with North African/Caribbean, Mexican, Indian and eventually evolve into a massive dessert fest hosted by Foodtruth. The stop locations will be announced when you have signed up, but the time of the event will be 6:30-8:30PM on Saturday night, departing from Sayles around 6:20PM.

Your task: to taste food from all the corners of the world. Ranging from West African Fried plantains and Korean pasta to Indian pakoras and Mexican Salsa, the food is best described as a potpurri of cultures and cuisines. A great opportunity to spice up your life!

If you want to help out with cooking and learn how to make the fantastic dishes that will be served, you are welcome to volunteer with cooking or hosting. Please check and sign up in this google doc! Check it till Saturday, because changes might happen. Sign up in the “cooking volunteers” section.

Expect awesome people, great food, and a diversity of cultures and backgrounds.

***FIRST 20 ARE IN***
**PLEASE EAT DINNER BEFORE (you will taste food, not be fed) ***

Stay hungry,

Vayu and Firebellies


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