GET INVOLVED! Firebellies wins Northfield HCI for Middle School Cooking Project

Hey guys.

Hope y’all are having great breaks, wherever you may be. I’m cooking excessively in California, getting ready for the winter term cooking sessions..

This morning, I and Firebellies received some exciting news, as we found out that Firebellies has been awarded a $300 Northfield HCI grant to do a five-step cookery workshop program with the local middle-schoolers. The HCI grant intends to support positive, strengths-based youth development in the Northfield community. This is the second time Firebellies receives this grant.

Starting the first week of winter term, we will hold five weekly classes focused not only on healthy and sustainable cooking, but also on empowerment and inspiration through the universal language of food. Read more about the project in its entirety here:
Tentative times are Tuesdays the first five weeks of school, between 3pm-5pm, in the Northfield Middle School Kitchen. Transportation will be provided, and all costs are covered by the grant.

While the program will be led by me and the Firebellies board, we are looking for people who might be interested to join us in this exciting endeavor. As such, I would encourage all of you to consider participating or helping out in one way or another (cooking, driving, shopping, you name it). The more bright-minded Carleton students contribute with their skills and talents, the better the program.

In other words, I want to encourage you to seize this amazing opportunity.
Don’t miss the chance revolutionize the Northfield food community from the bottom up.

Please send me an email if you are interested or if you just have questions.
Spread the word!

Greetings from California,


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