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Strikingly absent for several weeks, the inspiration finally returned yesterday, after a long visit to the St.Monica Farmers’ Market here in Los Angeles.

small-town Northfield and arriving in California was like ascending to heaven from hell. In the winter, rural Minnesota does not have much to offer when it comes to food. The bustling hub of Los Angeles, on the other hand, does.

Two hours at the Farmers’ market and three hours in the kitchen was time well spent. Tonight’s dinner was the best meal in a while. Keep your eyes open for more.





Beet carpaccio: mustard/raspberry and orange emulsion, sunflower sprouts, leek, toasted almonds, aged manchego



Ginger butternut squash  soup: aquavit prawn stock, coconut milk, homemade curry paste,  served with lime-marinated blackened and minted shrimp







Raspberry Fro-yo: mint, lime zest, raspberries, greek yoghurt

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