Adding a weekly recipe to the Carletonian?

The Carletonian is a great newspaper. Every Friday, I pick up my copy in Sayles to get a sense of what has happened on campus and beyond.
As the foodie I am, I have enjoyed the Carletonian even more lately, because of the increased focus on food. With the food section of The Carl and the “food for thought” column, the Carletonian does a great job of reflecting the Carleton food movement.

However, there is one thing I would love to add. Every week, I, as the president of the Carleton cooking club Firebellies ( would like to contribute a simple recipe. Just like in any newspaper, the recipe would be featured weekly as a small column with a picture and short text. Needless to say, the recipe would be simple and nutritious, with a clear emphasis on seasonality and sustainability. In addition, the recipe would be easy to make and would be adapted to the cooking possibilities at Carleton. With this recipe, I hope to inspire the Carleton community to start cooking/baking; I hope to spread the joy and love of food to my fellow Carls.



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