Cupcake decoration + fundraising!

Hey guys!

Thanks for a fantastic event yesterday! The sushi class was as good as the food was delicious. Hope y’all had a good time! Thanks for helping us in our work to make this a Carleton tradition.

Become a Firebellies fan on Facebook, if you have not already:

Some stuff coming up:

The board is currently planning this weekend’s event: a relaxed brunch with freshly baked bread, spreads, and pancakes.

Cupcake decoration for tomorrow’s VOTE NO RALLY in the great hall. Firebellies is taking on the role of catering for the event, and we have decided to make some delicious vegan pumpkin cupcakes with a maple frosting. The cupcakes will be in the colors of VOTE NO, orange and blue. We are baking them today, but are decorating them later tonight. If you want to get creative during an awesome study break, come by Cassat basement today and help us decorate them.

Join this rally and give your support for a very important issue! The rally is being held in the great hall, and the organizers are expecting around 100 people to come listen to Ova Yonder and the Accidentals; to listen to speakers from both Carleton and the community; but most of all, to come eat FIREBELLIES FANTASTIC CUPCAKES!
Firebellies will be in the great hall during this time, selling their fantastic, renown pumpkin blueberry cupcakes for around $1. All the money will go into the Firebellies fund and will help fund future events, as well as equipment. Please, please come support the rally and us! If you are not in a mood for a rally, I am sure are in the mood for a delicious cupcake.

Stay hungry,

Vayu and Firebellies


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