Hey guys,

Thanks for making the foodgressive such a fantastic event. Great to see y’all and to eat the deliciously exotic food. Hope you had as good a time as we did!

For both those of you who could not make it and those of you who could, please consider our next fantastic event: the trimesterly Cooking101 with Bon Appetit.

Each midterm break Monday, from 2-4PM, Firebellies partners up with the qualified Bon Appetit chefs, who open their LDC kitchen to teach a cooking class.
Past classes have been Pizza (with chef Gibson), Stir-fry (with chef Michael), and this year chef Vale Riggs will teach a class on EVERYDAY SUSHI!!!!

The event is really fantastic and is not only a great opportunity to learn how to cook from professional chefs in a professional setting, but also to learn about and taste new, delicious foods. Here is a video from the first event, last winter term:

So, here’s the deal:

*Firebellies has a reserved amount of spots for this event and once all spots are filled for the COOKING, people are welcome to just show up and observe.
*The event is open for all of campus. Anyone who wants to join can email Jennifer Pope at Bon Appetit
*2-4PM on MIDTERM BREAK MONDAY, IN LDC (when it is closed to the public) 😉
*Delicious and fun Everyday Sushi class

RSVP TO MAINIREV@CARLETON.EDU by Friday afternoon to join this extraordinary food fest!

Stay hungry,

(and become a Firebellies fan on facebook: )

/Vayu and Firebellies


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