Hey hungry people.

Welcome to Firebellies, Carleton’s one and only cooking club. Thanks y’all for your enthusiasm at the fair yesterday, we got around 200(!) new names on our list. This term will feature many different events, including molecular gastronomy classes, Top Chef Dining Hall, a southern bbq, Cookning101 with Bon Appetit, and much much more… You can find an updated schedule on our website,

The first event is TONIGHT!!

Beet/chocolate cake? Lemon balm soda? Catalonian vegetable stew with freshly baked bread? Live music and awesome people? WHAAAT.

We start out the term in the best way possible…

An awesome, chill farmhouse food potluck-picknick tomorrow night. If you want, make something small and come by Farm House anytime after 6PM and get to know the food clubs on campus at the epicenter of the Carleton Food movement, your one and only farm house… Just like most Farm house events, this food fest will continue throughout the night, and will feature some great music, both recorded and live… Pro

Firebellies, Food Truth and Farm will make some great food to taste, mostly using ingredients obtained from within Carleton boundaries. If you are interested in helping to cook or just learn, just email Vayu (cooking will start around 4:30PM, let know if you wanna join)!!.

Hope to see y’all there
No RSVP necessary


/Firebellies, Farmhouse, Foodtruth #FFF


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