Cooking 101: Stirfry

Last Monday, a host of Bon Appetit’s top chefs treated a group of Firebellies to the secrets of stirfry cooking. Keeping in the tradition of Cooking 101, the chefs cut loose and, switching-out their knives and cutting boards for chalk and chalk boards, showcased their love of teaching. The chefs were clearly in their element, and foreshadowing what lay ahead, we ate-up everything they told us. Some of the most captivating parts of the program were the unintended digressions, in which Chef Michaels detailed everything from the importance of good knives to the uses of chicken bones. Things really started to heat up, however, once we split up into groups to start our own stirfries. The chefs explained the various ingredients they brought together for us (all local and organic), and then we set to work preparing the ingredients and putting them together. The final product– a potpourri of chicken and other delicious treats– was both tasty and rewarding. Here at Carleton, we encounter learning in many, many different forms. Rarely, though, is our education edible.


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