Hey Stomachflames,

Week 6 has arrived, are you hungry?

This week we will continue our weekly Friday Firebellies Cupcake Sales. There are many ways you can help! We feel like we see the same faces at many events and want to make sure you all know you are welcome (especially newbies!). Decorating cupcakes is a great study break on Thursday, you can drop by Cassat Basement anytime between 5:00 and 6:30 to frost a cupcake with a penis (for Vayu) or a shark riding a unicycle. Or help with sales on Friday in Sayles (10:15-1:00pm). Remember: the money we make from these sales goes towards making Firebellies a stronger club with more delicious events, more cooking supplies, and more community outreach opportunities. Sign up on GOOGLE DOC below.

International Festival is the other BIG event this week. We are making 500 mouth-watering sesame-seared rice cakes with umami-pickled cabbage (oooooooo-mommy!). This means we need eager chefs to step-up and learn the secret behind this delicious dish. The cooking will take place on Friday night between 8:30 and 10 pm (prep) and Saturday morning from 10 am-1pm (cooking madness) in the basement of Cassat. Drop by anytime or sign up on the GOOGLE DOC below.

Food love,

Tori & the Firebellies board





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