Hey guys.

What we have been up to lately? Pretty awesome stuff to be honest.

Check it out.. AND ORDER YOUR CUPCAKE!!!!


As a big part of expanding our activity and outreach, we are proud to introduce to you what we hope will become a new Carleton Tradition: FIREBELLIES FRIDAY CUPCAKES.

The idea is simple. At this point of our college career, most of us probably like Friday flowers — or rather, we like buying things for our friends on Fridays. It’s just one of those things we do, like chasing Schillers at Second City events, or streaking in the Chapel during the Freshman variety show.

But if you think about it, flowers can get kinda boring in the long run. Would it not be great if you could give something or even have it delivered to someone you like; if you could give your friend or beloved one something they can experience with all their senses — smell, taste, sight? That’s why we are introducing Friday Cupcakes!

From now on, FireBellies – with our excellent pastry Chef Jhernie Evangelista at the helm – will be selling amazingly tasty, all-natural cupcakes on Friday’s. Every week, you will be able to choose from one vegan, one regular, and one weekly special cupcake. You will be able to order online through a super simple form where you can choose everything from what cupcake you would like to what decoration you want on your cupcake (there will even be penises!!). Moreover, you can choose if you want us to deliver it with a message to someones mailbox or if you just want to pick it up during convo on Fridays. Best of all: you can pay with Schillers online!

Our first round will be next Friday!! So go to our website and place your order before next Wednesday.

The cupcakes will be freshly made from local and all natural ingredients, and if you want, you can help us bake!
In fact, FireBellies is now introducing the “Thursday Cupcake Series:” a chill event where we get together and learn various baking/cupcake/decoration techniques and have a good time.
This will happen every Thursday evening/afternoon in Cassat kitchen and it will be just great: not only will you learn tons of useful baking skills, but you will also be able to decorate and make cupcakes that your fellow Carls enjoy every Friday.

How good isn’t this?
Spread the word! We will send out a reminder about our baking class every Monday!

Firebellies will be tabling cupcakes in Sayles on Friday to spread the word!

Be there.

And Stay Hungry,



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