Farmer’s Potluck: Food, Discussion, and Fun


First of all: Check out this article written by Vayu and published on Bon Appetit’s nationwide blog (Thanks SO MUCH Vera Chang for making this happen)

Second of all:

The conversation was just great, FireBellies is so glad so many passionate foodies could make it and bring not only excellent food, but also great ideas.
Special thanks to chef Gibson Price from Bon Appetit who showed up with great food, ideas, and a willingness to really listen to the students.

For those of you who could not make it to the event, here is a short recap:

We discussed the possibility of having bees at the Carleton farm for Honey and pollination.

Inspired by a successful effort at Lawrence University, we decided we would work to lobby for legalizing bees within the city limits, as it is illegal in Northfield today.

With Food Truth initiating the Real Food Movement on our campus at their food forum later this week, we all agreed that FireBellies and Foodtruth are important actors in making this happen, and we decided we would work on developing a real strong relationship between Food Truth and Firebellies.

We decided we would start a kind of mentorship/farming/cooking program for kids in the community, where we bring kids to the college to help out with and learn about various food projects

We talked about expanding the Farm into our dorms by having students plant their own herbs/vegetables/microgreens and discussed the possibility of transforming flat roofs into greenroofs

We also agreed with would work more on raising awareness about all aspects of the food system — from agriculture to cooking — on the Carleton campus. Especially important in this is to get the attention of the incoming freshman class

If you are interested in getting involved in any of these ideas/projects, let us know!

Stay Hungry.

VAYU and Firebellies


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