INVITATION: FARMER’s POTLUCK = Food, Discussions, and Fun.


Most of you probably already know that many Carls are passionate about the food system and its environmental impact. What many of you probably don’t know, however, is that a bunch of Carls have gone to various food and farming conferences across the nation to learn about how they can make a change not only on the Carleton Campus but in the world as a whole.

Over the past weekend, a few students(Vayu included) had the great opportunity to attend the 2nd annual Student Initiative for Sustainable Agriculture Conference where they attended lectures, workshops, and collaborated with other students from around the country to promote sustainable agriculture on college campuses. We want to continue the discussion about the future of Carleton’s sustainability with fellow Carls and discuss what we would like to see get done & how we can accomplish these goals.

In this fantastic discussion, we will be joined by Soon Kai Poh, a junior who attended MOSES (a big organic farming conference) late winter term, and Geoffrey from Food truth, who had the pristine privilege to attend the Real Food Conference in Santa Monica this past fall.

These conferences have given us a lot of knowledge and interesting experiences that we are now ready so share with the Carleton campus, and we hope YOU will be a part of the conversation.

This Saturday, the Firebelles Club will be hosting a potluck on the Bald Spot at noon. Everyone is welcome to attend (tell your friends!) to chat about Carleton in regards to farming, agriculture, sustainability, or anything else you think needs attention!

Please bring a dish of your choice to share at this potluck. Attendees will have the opportunity to collaborate with other students and faculty to create a broader conversation.
By the end of this event, we hope to have come up with a game plan for how we can accomplish something awesome on the Carleton Campus.
This is a great moment to learn from fellow Carls and share your ideas and opinions on what we can do to make Carleton an even greener campus…

If you want to bring something, please email Vayu. Bonus points for locally inspired foods!

To sum it all up:
When: Saturday April 7th @ 12
Where: Bald Spot (RAIN LOCATION TBA)
What: Good company, conversation & good food!

Hope you can join us!




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