Our First Bake-Sale!

Hey everyone!

So, our third term is starting up, and we’ve planned a terrific host of events, starting with our first bake sale!  The bake sale is coordinated by our new and talented pastry chef, Jhernie Evangelista, and our director of communications, Sam Braslow. Jhernie has come up with a great menu for the event, including three Spring-time treats: Vegan Maple Cupcakes with a butter cream frosting and maple drizzle; Browning Crackle cookies; Red velvet cupcakes with a cream cheese frosting. All of this will be baked Thursday evening at Dacie Moses’s house, where Jhernie will instruct ten eager students in simple baking and decorating techniques (trust me, her food not only tastes amazing, but looks amazing too). This will culminate in our Friday bake sale at Sayles (no pun intended*) that will hopefully spread awareness of Firebellies and foster interest in the club. Short of those goals, we will have a great time baking together and sharing food with the rest of Carleton. Make sure to stop by and at least say hi to our friendly and professional Saylesmen (pun intended). You’ll get a complementary nod n’ smile– although that’s the only complementary hand-out; the food costs money.

*That would be a pun, right?


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