Hey Guys.

This is it. The time has come. It’s the last event of the term. Even though it’s extremely unlikely, we hope y’all are having a calm, chill eight week.
We want to thank y’all for a great term. The newly founded board and the members have all played important roles in making this winter term the best winter term (and only one I guess) in Firebellies history.

After extensive deliberation, the FireBellies board selected a strong group of young aspiring chefs for Saturday’s epic competition in LDC from 5-7Pm.

If you are not on any of these teams, we encourage you to come support your dear friends in this competition.
Remember: the price is to design entirely your own menu in the LDC the week after.
How sweet wouldn’t that be? Also. you get the honor of having your name on the trophy that will be displayed in the dining hall until Top Chef next term. And, you get awesome FireBellies aprons and cool ribbons.

There will be a short but great talk about Bon Appetits impact on a national and local level. It is led by Food Truth Founder, Carleton grad and Bon Appetit Fellow Vera Chang.
Moreover, you will get the chance to ask the sous chefs from Burton and LDC any questions about the food you consume everyday.

Enough of that. Here are the teams:

Team 1 – the outer space thieves

Sarah B
Alex (former creative director of FireBellies who dropped out 😦 R.I.P dear friend)

Team 2 – garden snakes

Beret F
Lauren M
Colby S
Dylan P

Team 3 – total asparagus terminators

Izzy Z
Alex T
Sam B
Ingrid L

Team 4 – Acid Pasta Test

Callum McBigMc
Jackson VF
French Henri
Jhernie E

Team 5 – ThunderChickenZZZ (Sophomore/Senior Sensation)

Phoebe C
Madeleine A
Stephanie L
Hannah R
Jake (SENIOR!!! YEAH!)

We deeply recommend you to meet and discuss possible courses of action. However, it is not necessary. Nevertheless, it is good to arrive at the competition with an open mind, hungry stomach, and bright ideas.

CHECK OUT OUR BLOG BTW, ITS AWESOME: https://firebellies.wordpress.com/




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