Your weekend plans. (February 25th, 2012)

I’d just like to remind you all there will be another Cowling Dance this Saturday.

I would also like to remind you this Saturday is also the Top Chef LDC competition from 5-7pm.

You should come and try really hard to win, if not for the ego boost, for the privilege of designing your own dinner menu that will be served on February 3, 2012.

Let me say that again: winners get to design LDC’s dinner menu and feed a significant portion of the campus. Depending on how successful you are, you’ll be loved or hated. I hope to see you triumph in your tasks. Oh. And you’ll get a traveling trophy.

So this Saturday, before y’all begin your pregames and mixing your lethal vodka-sodas, drop by LDC for some wholesome fun!

  • Vera Chang (’09) Bon Appétit Fellow and FoodTruth founder will lead a special talk
  • Q&A with the Bon Appétit chefs (Why are the vegan sausages so good? Is the seitan at Wild Thymes locally sourced? How did you get all that catfish for Mardi Gras?)
  • 20 minutes to build a three-course meal ( while wearing custom aprons)

Email mainirev to join!

The Beautiful LDC

The Beautiful LDC…

is where you will be this Saturday evening.







And check our Facebook page or twitter (@weeatfire) for more information.




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