Top Chef Dining Hall Next Saturday!!


First of all, thank you for an AMAZING EVENT today. We all agree that Spreads n’ Breads was one of the best events ever.
To all of you who missed it: sorry, that sucks. You can check out some pictures though:

Now to the big news.

Do you want to design your own super-cool meal and cook and serve it to hundreds of students in LDC?

Hereby, Bon Appetit and Firebellies cordially invite you to Top Chef LDC Saturday February 25th from 5:00pm-7:00pm in East Dining Hall.
While there might ring a bell for some of you, most of you are new to this. If I were to describe this event in four words, it would be: Fun, Food, Creativity, and INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT COMPETITION (just kidding). BUT We hope to make this a Carleton tradition, and you play an important role in making this happen.

Being on the 20 meal plan is expensive. This competition will help you make the best out of it!
In fact,  this competition is all about being creative in the dining hall.
We will randomly divide you into five teams of four and each team (has custom-made aprons) will have twenty minutes to create a three course meal(starter, entree, dessert) only using the ingredients and equipment available in the dining hall on Saturday. The competition will take place amid the dinner rush in LDC, and there will be a SECRET INGREDIENT that each team must incorporate. The ingredient will be revealed when the competition starts.
In many ways, the competition is the same as last time, but this time it’s bigger, better, faster, stronger, harder…
Judges will include chefs and people from Bon Appetit, people from the college, and students.

However, not only will this allow you to become more creative in the dining hall, it will also give you a deeper understanding of the story behind the food. For example, how does Bon Appetit’s commitment to sustainability help local communities? How is the food prepared? Where does the food come from in the first place? How can we improve the communication between Bon Appetit and the student body?

*There will be a SPECIAL TALK by Bon Appetit Fellow and Carleton Alumn (food truth founder) Vera Chang, class of 2009, right before the competition starts.
*There will be a Q&A session where students can ask Bon Appetit chefs about their food and give their opinions on the food
*The price is a TRAVELING TROPHY and the opportunity to design a full dinner menu that will be served in LDC Saturday the week after, supervised by Chef Gibson Price
*Remember: this will not take more time than your average dinner 🙂

Join us.


We will announce the teams on Thursday or Friday.

Stay Hungry,



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