Creative Director Competition!

Hey guys!
Due to a high interest in the announced positions, especially the creative director one, we have decided that  the best way to select the most qualified canidate(from a pool of many) is through a small competition. But dont be intimidated. Anyone can apply and you will not be judged by your drawing skills or lack thereof. All that counts is a creative mind. If you are genuinely interested in this position, please complete the following short tasks:

1)if you had the chance to design the firebellies logo, what would it be? On a paper, draw your simple suggestion. It can be anything that comes to mind.
2) on February 25th we are having the annual Top Chef Dining hall competition. However, this time is bigger and better. We are collaborating with Bon aPpetite to take a big leap forward. marketing will be a big part of top chef, spreading the word to the world inside and outside campus. Imagine you had the chance to create the marketing campaign for this event. How would you do it and why?
Please create a simple flier for the event, together with a very short description of the Overarching theme/concept behind the campaign and how you would market it in a unique way. For example the tagline could be “how creative are you in the dining hall?”

Please submit this with your name to Vayu’s mailbox by this Wednesday. The number is 883. I know time is short, but with the club rapidly expanding and the pain of immense workloads slowly approaching, we want to create a good board sooner rather than later.
Winners will not only have the chance to design our new logo which is going to be printed on 20 new aprons and ribbons, they will also be responsible for the top chef campaign, working closely with marketing professionals from BOn appetite.

Winners will be announced on Thursday together with announcement of new board! There will be a teambuiling dinner in LDcpC zthursday nights following the announcements!

Stay hungry!



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