Announcing New Postitions!

Hey everyone!

First of all: Check out our new website:

I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend. We were so excited about all the enthusiasm we received about the new positions we want to have!! As of now, we have heard from a vast array of candidates. If you are interested in holding one of these positions please make sure you have enough time to make a full effort commitment to us and really want to hold these responsibilities at least for the rest of this academic year. We are a new club now, but we plan to grow and to become more and more active and we want people to take us seriously. With over 100 members, we hope to create a steady organization and club, introducing events that will live be traditions even long after we graduate.

 Again, we need:

1.) Media/PR strategist
 The Media/PR strategist is responsible for PR and Media relations, as well as planning and executing marketing campaigns.  This person would work closely with the creative director, constantly striving to reach out to our members and media, giving us good PR. The positions would include developing efficient marketing strategies,  contacting the local media (The Carletonia, KLRX, The Northfield News etc) when we have events, advertising our events on campus (posters) and so forth. The person would be responsible for logistical assignments such as printing posters and flyers, and would work closely with the Creative director and Web editor.
In sum. the person reaches out to people about our work.

This person is creative strategist, great at social networking, organized and has great time management skills.

2.) Creative Director
The creative director is responsible for designing our logos, posters, web material, and other related things. Together with the Media/PR strategist, the person is responsible for developing creative and interesting marketing campaigns. Moreover, the person has creative ideas for future events, and makes sure that all the ideas are executed properly.
Together with the Web Editor and Media/PR strategist, the Creative Director forms a strong team communicating our message with the world inside and outside campus. The person takes pictures and documents events and presents our work in a creative way, shining light on our message of bringing people together through the  universal language of food.

The Creative Director is not only creative and witty, but also has a strong sense for structure and strategy and great knowledge of trends inside and outside campus.

3.)Web Editor
 The Web Editor is responsible for managing our Facebook, website(blog) and Twitter. Working closely with Pr strategist and the CD, the Web Editor preserves and develops our image in the cyber world. THe web Editor writes and runs creative and interesting stories about our work, communicating our message with our members and non-members.

The Web Editor has excellent writing communication skills and a great sense of strategy and social networking. Previous experience preferred but not necessary.

4.) Treasurer
     We recently received funding for the CSA YIPEE! But, since we are a first year club we have to present a budget report to the CSA every time we want money for an event. You would be in charge of discussing the budget with Vayu and I when we wanted to have an event and then write a budget report (I would show you how). The budget reports are due on Tuesday and then you would come with me to present our budget to the CSA at their meetings on Thursday nights.

The treasurer has a great sense for numbers, organization and is motivated to make things happen.

5.) Up to 5 “Hunter gathers”
 The role of the hunter/gatherer may ostensibly seem like an unnecessary and not very pleasing one, but a closer look reveals the opposite.
Holding this position, you would have the pristine responsibility of grocery shopping for our events, selecting the best produce and ingredients for us, learning how to grocery shop efficiently 🙂 This would not be much of an commitment. However, it is a great opportunity for learning how to grocery shop efficiently, seeking out the best ingredients available. Furthermore, this position would include a small bonus. Each time you grocery shop for us, you would not only have the freedom to choose some of the ingredients, you would also get a small budget to buy something very small for yourself. The position will gain a great insight in the process of creating a great meal; from a creative idea to a a ready cooked meal.

These people have a genuine interest in food, a good eye for quality, and a strong commitment to our club.

If you are interested in any of these positions please e-mail me or Vayu. Please tell us briefly of any time commitments you currently have, why you want the position you are apply for and why you think you’d be excellent at it.

Thank you so much for all the enthusiasm!!! We are so so so excited!

Stay Hungry

Emily and on behalf of Vayu


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